Work In Callcenter. Female Secretary With HeadsetHaving great systems in place to contact customers is essential for any business when it comes to communication with customers.

There are techniques that you can use to have the best type of customer communication. Above all, having insight into what the customer is going through should always be an overarching guide.

Here are some ideas on how you can best speak with customers based on our experiences over the years. While much of this seems like common sense, it’s always good to remember and reinforce with those who are partnering with you in customer care.

Having the right info on hand
Being prepared with the customer’s business history with you is key to great service. Having contracts in place and ready to refer to is essential, as is gaining access to their full account history with you. Having technology in place that makes it easy to find all of this material is also vitally important.

Strike the right tone
Some conversations can be stressful, for all the parties involved. The adage about the “spoonful of sugar” helping smooth things over is still true. That means having a tone that is friendly and compassionate will go a long way toward positive perceptions about your brand

Be compliant with Canada’s rules
Few things can make tough customer calls more difficult than falling afoul of any regulations, and the government of Canada has restrictions on the books for businesses trying in many situations. Working with people who know what to do — and crucially, what not to do — will go a long way to making these conversations the most effective they can be.

Use SMS to contact your customers
We’ve also noted that our Canadian business partners love using SMS programs for communications with their own customers. It’s a truly effective way to send out payment reminders, reach out consistently, and share changes to plans with customers.

SMS is just one of the Customer Care programs that we can offer businesses that need to accomplish their customer communication goals. We can also set up programs that answer needs about processing, social media management, customer loyalty and back-office processes. Our inbound and outbound sales programs also work well with fraud management and support to offer a complete communication package to help with your customer base.

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