Our Community Commitment

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Green & Clean

Verso has been consciously aware of our impact on our economic and environmental spaces. As such Verso has made thoughtful choices in how we can continue to lead our industry in best practices. To this end, Verso has chosen to move into a BOMA-Gold graded building which is involved in the Race to Reduce Toronto. Our building materials include recycled materials from the existing structure, 80% recycled water bottle carpeting, sustainably sourced furniture, and have implemented a single-use product restriction.

Community involvement

Verso is proud to support our local community by working with many charitable organizations including Survivorsfund.ca, Sick Kid’s Hospital, Heart and Stroke, Daily Bread Food Bank

A great career choice.

 At Verso, we understand that our employees are the foundation of our organization. This means that Verso is committed to ensuring that all employees receive the most progressive salary and commission-based structure. Performers are recognized during special events such as dinners, BBQ’s and Holiday Season events.

Worker commitment.

Verso places the highest priority on Worker Commitment. The Worker Commitment Director is responsible to follow the worker’s journey from hiring to moving up through the ranks. Our Worker Commitment team continually holds events, team games, and raising money for our numerous charities. We work hard and play hard – we want it to be fun for all our employees.