Signpost Customer SatisfactionDoes your company provide great customer service to its customers, how and when they want it? It’s a vital part of any business. A company that provides a great customer experience is much more likely to get referrals and positive online reviews, which are absolutely critical in growing a successful business in today’s world. Bad customer experiences can be a real problem for any type of company and can have a significant impact on sales and profits.

It’s also important to have a positive customer experience from the very first interaction. First impressions matter more than you might think. Research shows that it takes about 10-12 positive experiences to make up for just one unresolved negative customer service experience. It’s possible to work things out with an unhappy customer or client, but that initial experience can never truly be erased.

It’s important to note that poor customer service experiences are shared at twice the rate of positive experiences. When someone has a bad experience with a company, they often share it with other people in person, over the phone, on social media or in industry circles. Word gets around online fast, the voice of the unhappy customer is amplified and poor customer service can be damaging to any brand, in any industry and at any time. That’s why the true cost of poor customer service is higher than most company leaders realize or acknowledge. When one customer is unhappy, you could be losing a whole bunch of potential customers, too.

The key is to identify anything that’s creating a negative experience. Surveys are a good place to start. Once you identify where your customer service is falling short, you can take steps to improve the situation.

At Verso, we provide the finest in customer care and brand protection services in multiple languages including but not limited to English, French and Spanish. In addition to our language capabilities, we also use the latest technology, including IVA and RPA, and can provide the channels of choice that current and potential customers want to engage in.

Our support staff is always available, too. By working with us, your company doesn’t have to invest in hiring, training and retaining a top-notch and experienced team that can offer your customers exceptional one-call resolution. We can handle it all for you. Learn more about how Verso can strengthen your brand and save you money. Learn more about us and our approach on our website:

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