Happy old businesswoman in headset making call looking at computerWhen it comes to customer service, the words we say are important. This goes beyond being polite and a well-crafted script. It often includes a catchphrase.

Chick-fil-A was recently in the news again for its use of the catchphrase, “my pleasure.” This simple phrase is spoken by each employee after every interaction with a customer. It isn’t you are welcome, no problem, no worries. It is, “My pleasure.” These words continually tie into the Chick-fil-A brand and experience. They don’t have to be the only one using a company-specific catch phrase in their customer service interactions.

Oftentimes a slogan and a catchphrase can become intertwined. Nike has “Just do it.” Mastercard has “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.” BMW has “The ultimate driving machine.” Allstate has “You’re in good hands.” The list could go on, and likely you are even thinking of other slogans. The key, however, is to take that slogan and turn it into a catchphrase to conclude an interaction without it being an awkward part of a conversation.

In order to start this, you need to have a slogan. Most likely you do, but it can’t be assumed all companies – large and small – have one that is successful and easy to remember like the ones above. The process of creating or revising your slogan is to think through what you really want to say. What sets you apart in your services or products?

Often companies think they need to create a long slogan with deep insightful messages. That isn’t the case. You want to be sure you are keeping it simple. Just look at Nike’s “Just do it.” You can’t get simpler than that! The most important aspect to consider is that your company voice is present in your slogan. Who you are and what you represent can be funny, emotional, serious or any other description. The key is for that description to truly be your company voice and what you want to be known for by your customers.

Creating a slogan is not an individual effort. In fact, it often includes marketing professionals, business leaders and even employees and customers in the mix. It becomes a group effort to find the slogan that best represents what you provide for your customers. Turning that slogan into your catchphrase then becomes the next step to incorporating it naturally into your every day interactions, including customer service. It might include testing it out in the office environment to see if it first is a natural way to end an interaction.

Just as a team works on this together, we are here to work with you as well. We want to see your customer service interactions succeed through our services and technology. Whether you already have a catchphrase, working on one or don’t even have one, we’d love to talk with you at 888-476-0570 or contact@verso.global. Let us help ensure every contact with your customers is a positive experience.

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