121253129_MWhen was the last time you took a vacation, sick or personal day? When was the last time your employees took a vacation, sick or personal day? You might not realize the two tie together – your time off and theirs – but it does. You set the example for your employees.

As a result, it’s important to encourage your employees to take time off and for you to take that time off too. Here are some simple ways to encourage time off for your employees:

Incorporate time off into annual reviews. We often think of annual reviews focusing on how an employee is performing and what metrics they reach to show their success within your business. The use of time off could positively tie into these reviews as you celebrate their use of available time.

Stop asking why. When an employee comes with a vacation, sick or personal day request, stop asking why. They have the time available to them, simply approve (or not approve with an explanation) their request. If they wish to discuss it further, that’s great, but consider their time off request even a separation related to the time off.

Be prepared. As you know often your business practices must continue while an employee is away, but you can be better prepared for that time. Consider some cross-training between employees for coverage. Consider what can be put on hold until they return. Consider who will cover urgent issues while they are away.

Use auto-responses. Encourage your employees in ongoing communication and meetings to set auto-responses during their time away. This will help manage the workflow and expectations of your own clients, especially when they include who a customer should contact in the employee’s absence.

Show the way. If you expect your employees to take time off, you need to do the same. This also means when you step away for vacation, personal or sick days that you also set auto-responses, refrain from checking in, and even checking email. We know it is hard, but it is necessary for yourself and your employees.

Send reminders. In your ongoing communication with your employees, remind them they have vacation, personal and sick time available. This can be done in one-on-one conversations or even in general to all employees.

Emphasize the importance. While perfect attendance may have been a gold standard in school and even early job roles, emphasize to your employees why time off is important for their wellbeing and even for your business. You want your employees to be energized, focused and loyal. This often is a result of them also being able to step away to recharge, relax, heal and enjoy life and those important to them.

As you work to support your employees by encouraging their time off, we also work to support your customer service needs. Let’s talk more at 888-476-0570 or contact@verso.global about how we can help your business as we ensure every contact with your customers is a positive experience.​

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