Businessman touching and drawing face emoticon smile on the tablWithin customer service, we are used to the complaints. Rarely do customers call in to provide positive feedback. The same can be said of online reviews. How then do businesses of all sizes gather positive reviews of their products, services and interactions?

They simply ask! Businesses are known for offering customer service numbers for issues or questions. Make sure your wording and conversations also include contacting customer service on the phone, over social media or even through email and websites to share a customer’s positive interaction with the business.

They offer incentives! Those discounts off of services or products or even a small freebie are all ways to show appreciation for a customer taking the time to leave feedback.

They resolve the negative interactions! A customer may start an interaction with a issue or question and ultimately find satisfaction through the actual resolution. This is a great way to further gather a positive review by, again, simply asking!

They make it simple! Leaving a business review ultimately shouldn’t be time consuming or overwhelming for a customer. This includes limiting how many questions are to be answered or pages to scroll through.

They say

thank you! It’s important to simply thank customers for their feedback This can be part of the overall process with an automatic thank you within the feedback prompt or incentive as well as a more direct thank you through your further responses.

They respond to reviews! Just asking for a review isn’t enough though. You also want to make sure you promptly respond to the reviews. This means prioritizing interacting with customers through social media, review posts on websites as well as replying to emails. Even those negative reviews desire a response; you don’t want to leave them without further interaction or worse delete them!

They share the reviews! You aren’t just gathering reviews to put them into a basket in an office corner. Instead you want to share them. You can highlight them on your website, include them within your correspondence of letters and emails and use them within your marketing materials. Don’t forget to share them internally too as they further give a boost of confidence and morale to your employees!

If you are concerned about asking for reviews or interacting with customers in this way, you don’t have to do it alone! Here at Verso, we ensure every contact with your customers is a positive experience, and your patrons will have an amazing customer experience on every contact with our agents. We would love to share more with you when you contact us at 888-476-0570 or

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