Portrait of peaceful girl sit table meditate have messy pencil hairstyle isolated over blue color backgroundWhen was the last time you truly felt calm? Likely it was outside of the work environment. It is important, however, to be able to bring that calm into your work space, not only for you but also for your employees and ultimately customers. This is especially important within customer service as customers contacting your offices are most likely not calm in the face of concerns, problems or frustrations.

How then do you and your employees project calm, which hopefully will also calm your customers, in those moments?

You likely provide training on how to answer the phone, document a call and even how to interact with customers. It is also important to incorporate calmness into those trainings too. Consider your last training sessions with your employees. Did you focus on being calm in any way? Even the tone of your meeting can set the stage of calmness. Was it rushed? Were you trying to cover everything possible within a short amount of time? It’s important to step back and look at your training sessions with fresh eyes to see where you can incorporate calmness better.

That does beg the question of what does calm look like in training? That can include training sessions on how to focus better, how to maintain healthy habits to lower stress, how to fit in exercise into busy days and even how to be more grateful. Yes, this all focuses on wellness, yet that wellness becomes an important aspect of staying calm overall.

We often think of employee benefits as dental, health and vision. It might include a wellness package and even discounts through certain businesses and vendors. They don’t have to be limited to just this. In fact, multiple benefits are available to help your employees stay calm. You can bring in a monthly wellness technique to help your employees remain calm. That local massage therapist or chiropractor’s office could offer chair massages for an afternoon. That local pet therapy agency could bring in support therapy dogs (or cats) for a few hours of simply being around pets. That local food truck could set up in the parking lot to provide a tasty treat for employees. That local yoga studio could come in for an afternoon session of yoga. That wellness practice could provide a training session on how to control and use breathing exercises during stressful moments.

While the possibilities are endless, we know that they indeed will help you and your employees stay calm in general, which will only translate to better customer service with those customers who may not be calm or are creating stressful situations. This in turn helps you, just like us, ensure every contact with your customers is a positive one. We look forward to talking with you more about this topic and others when you contact us at 888-476-0570 or contact@verso.global.


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