10246372 - portrait of ambitious business team at workGood customer service relies on good employees and processes. In order to have those, you need to be aware of how you are supporting your employees. Sure you may be kind to them, greet them by first name and provide an endless supply of coffee, but supporting them takes more than that. Here are three ways you can make sure you are better supporting your employees.

Are you taking the time to listen to their concerns? It could be what they are facing at home. It could be what they are facing with their children. It could be what they are facing within the workplace. It’s important that an “open door” policy isn’t just in theory but a realistic aspect of their employment with your company. Once the conversation includes truly listening, you, along with the employee, can talk through options available to them. That could be resources or adaptions within their professional roles. In this, however, it’s important to practice discretion with the information they entrust to you as well as realize they don’t have to feel pressure to disclose everything at once.

Are they aware of the health and wellness resources available to them? The emphasis on wellness goes beyond staying active. It is important for your employees to continually be informed on the benefits available to them. This goes beyond their medical, mental health, vision and dental benefits and vacation days. It also includes making sure they are aware of benefits such as sick days, bereavement leave and FMLA options. Don’t forget to make them aware of any wellness programs you have. It takes more than reminding them annually of these benefits. It means continually reminding them of these options, helping them understand the process and being willing to walk them through the steps.

Are the processes supporting your employees easy to understand, find and complete? It is one thing to have processes and paperwork on file. It is another thing for it not to add to a potentially stressful situation as employees handle just one more thing. It’s a good idea to walk yourself through these processes as if you were a overwhelmed employee. Are they easy to find? Are they easy to complete both in-person and remotely? Are they clear in expectations, follow up and how the request is approved or denied? If not, consider making changes.

Another way you can support your employees is by using the resources we have available to your business. Let’s talk further at 888-476-0570 or contact@verso.global.

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