????????????????????????????????Have you ever thought about how important a person’s name is? We have, and we know a person’s name is of significant importance – to them and to your customer service interaction.

Let’s look at some ways the simple use of a person’s name is important within customer service.

It’s important to ask for a customer’s name early in the customer service process. Asking for a name can build the foundation of the customer service interaction. Plus it shows that the customer is more than just a customer, but an actual person with a concern.

It’s important to ask for verification on how to pronounce a name if necessary. This further shows you care and that the person matters. This shouldn’t add on too much time in the interaction, but the simple gesture by requesting assistance can help further build the trust.

It’s important to then use their name in the customer service interaction. It isn’t enough to just know the name. You then need to use the name. Through this, your customer again feels important and heard through the interaction.

It’s important to use only the name they offer. In other words, don’t shorten their name or use a common nickname without their permission or their offering of such. This also becomes a sign of respect in the interaction.

It’s important to remember their name connects to their identity as well as represents they are an individual, with legitimate concerns, during the customer service interaction. Your use of their name may be a gamechanger within the interaction and its lasting effect.

It’s important to understand the simple use of their name throughout the interaction builds rapport and creates a foundation for a lasting impression. Even if concern is not resolved to their level of expectations, they may feel better about the entire interaction because their name was used in the customer service conversation. They were seen as a person, not just a problem!

Don’t forget throughout the interaction, it is also important the customer knows the name of the customer service representative helping them on the call.

We know that positive customer service interactions take more than just repeating a customer’s name. However, we know it is an important aspect of the interaction. One that can make a difference for your business, your customer service representative and your customer.

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